“The Chief Kishi Mieko”

Serialised in WEB Gamma Plus (Takeshoubo).
Small tits, big butt Office Lady Mieko’s erotic assignments!  >>>>Sample pages(Japanese)

“Pleasure Change (Kaikan Change ♂⇔♀)”

[18+] E-Comic (Kagekya Publisher) A light erotic romantic comedy series. Takeshobo published Volumes 1-3 now on sale!
 >>>Sample Pages

“Xiao Woo Head Office”

Doujinshi and character merchandise sold at events under the “Xiao Woo Head Office” brand  >>>Samples Page

“What if time had stopped”

A series I wrote mainly on my mobile.
What would the protagonists do if they had a watch that could stop time…..?  >>>Samples Page


Pura Rail Cafe (Purataku) waitresses, Kisara (Left), Shinka (right). You may see their simple cute faces around, if you do please show them your support. It will be really fun to see the different cosplay I draw them in

C'sGallery 2022 Xiaowoo